Friday, 27 April 2007

Mixed Bag for Newtown Boxers on Shrewsbury Show

Friday proved to be a hard night for the Newtown boxers. Only three out of the six that were initially matched on the show actually got to box. However, and despite this disappointment, the boxers who did fight performed admirably, albeit two of the three who fought were up against more experienced campaigners. Newtown boxers continue to show a determined edge and a go forward approach that brings an excitement to the ring every time they box. Even though it is late in the season, there is much more to come from this Newtown team.


Louis Miskin of Newtown remains unbeaten following his Junior bout against E Morris of Worcester. During the first round both boxers tried hard to gain some advantage during the early exchanges, with Miskin getting caught with the straight jabs and left hooks of Morris. During the second round Miskin worked his way more convincingly into the fight picking his shots with more success, and working some good two and three punch combinations. During a hard fought third round Miskin found his range and continued to rally finally earning a majority points decision.

Junior Luke Matthews exploded into action during his fight with L Walsh of Droitwich. The more experienced Walsh had the better of the early exchanges and showed his strength and durability to continue to meet Matthews toe to toe. Both boxers exchanged some heavy blows throughout the fight, with Walsh gaining slightly more success with his range. Matthews threw his hooks with real intent, and on times managed to rock back the Droitwich boxer when he landed. The hard hitting Matthews finally succumbed to the more successful straighter punching of Walsh who ground out a points win.

For the second time this season senior middleweight Jonathan Flower was up against the well refined boxing skills, and experience of Gareth Dodd of Shrewsbury. Flower struggled to get inside Dodd's longer reach to establish himself in the early rounds but worked tirelessly to get into range to work the inside. Unfortunately Flower appeared to be further burdened by some questionable referee warnings. The referee, urged on by a partisan crowd, was observed by neutrals to respond, on times, more to the atmosphere of the occasion. However this should not detract from another very impressive performance by Dodd and a brave effort by Flower. Flower attempted to stage a final effort and rallied in the third round leading to an exciting finale, with Dodd finally deserving his unanimous points decision.

Following the fights Newtown head coach Steve Chapple-Gill, although full of praise for his boxers, the Shrewsbury club's usual hospitality, and good atmosphere, he was unusually perturbed by one of the refereeing officials. In particular it was evident from Joff Flower's fight that the referee set his focus on some trivialities that were not in favour of Joff's normal pitch and roll style. But Steve was also quick to point out, while complimenting and praising Joff's opponent, that his comments were only directed to isolated decisions of one particular referee.. Read his comments following the fight.................. (see comment)